Introducing gaming technology in healthcare

Jan Niklas Rösch & Christian Angern

DevelopmentGame Design

How we ventured across the gaming pond to new horizons.

Jan Niklas Rösch (CTO at Sympatient) and Christian Angern (Managing Director at Sympatient) will talk about their experience using gaming technology in healthcare.

Many technologies used in gaming are transpiring to other industries. One example is virtual reality for example, which we use to help treat mental illnesses. We will tell our story and show how we build a technology stack for healthcare using traditional gaming tools and technology. We want to provide an insight beyond gaming and perhaps inspire some of you to find applications for your technology stack beyond gaming.

Sympatient is a healthcare start-up, developing medical virtual reality applications to improve mental health. We combine highest scientific standards with cutting-edge product development in order to induce innovations into the global healthcare market.

Hamburger Indie Treff #19 - 5. Juli 2018